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A New Year Prayer

Our Father in heaven,

As a new year begins and we prepare to leave the old one behind, we lay before you whatever unfinished plans and unfulfilled dreams from yesteryears, and we pray that in this new year, we can set our priorities right. We pray that 2023 we can fix our eyes on Jesus alone and follow him. We do not know what lies ahead in this new year, but like sheep we follow because we trust you, our Great Shepherd.

And We confess Jesus that we are weak, and we are easily distracted and even tempted by the comfort, glamour and pleasure that this world offers. Often times, our lives mirror the bumbling and even at times comical ways of your disciples when they first started following you. We failed like they did and we asked the same silly questions they asked. And so we take comfort in the fact that not only you, Jesus had died for our sins, but he is also the perfecter of our faith. We are not perfect but you are and you are working in our lives each and every single day perfecting us, molding us and preparing us for the eternal life that is to come.

And so we pray that as we start this new year, we can follow our Great Shepherd with all our heart and our mind.

We pray in Jesus' name.

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